Saturday, May 8, 2010

Visiting Juan Carlos' Farm

Over Semana Santa (Holy Week, which culminates in Easter), Josh and his good friends from college Laura and Becca, drove 8 hours east into the northern autonomous region of the Atlantic to the farm of Josh's colleague Juan Carlos. His family was so welcoming to us, and we feel incredibly lucky to have spent 4 days living on remote cattle ranch, positioned on the picturesque Rio Prinzapolka.

Highlights included:

(1) Milking cows directly into our cups for Pinolillo. Pinolillo is a traditional Nicaraguan drink of toasted corn, cacao, sugar and warm milk. Normally, a whisk is used to froth the ingredients together... but that is for the unfortunate people without direct access to a cow. The milk comes out of the teet at the perfect velocity to froth the pinolillo naturally! Here, Becca is milking into her cup (already containing the corn, cacao and sugar).

It is essentially the Nicaraguan equivalent of an Egg Cream. In the corral, Josh feels at home just as he would in any Jewish Deli.

(2) Spear fishing on the river, with dugout canoe as the principal form of transport.

Juan Carlos' neighbor Isaiah shows off a collection of Guapote trout.
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