Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seder y Primos nuevamente

Meandering the pastoral landscape of Miraflor...

Flora in Reserva Miraflor

Batidos "estilo norteamericano" ... after an arduous campo road back from Miraflor, we encountered el Palacio de los Batidos, owned by a Nica entrepreneur whose concrete "palacio" seeks to create the perfect smoothie on the deserted Jinotega-Matagalpa highway. Cousins were not disappointed.

Becca and Josh continued their 6-year tradition of hosting Passover Seder, with the inaugural out-of-country event! Here Becca reads from the Haggadah, as Jonathan focuses on the 3rd cup of wine.

Several key substitutions on the Seder plate:
Lamb --> Pelibuey (tropical, wool-less sheep)
Matzoh --> Guirila (fresh, thick corn tortilla)
Orange --> Naranja agria (bitter orange)
Manishevitz --> Chilean Cabernet and Argintinean Malbec

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