Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dinner with Stieg

Well, as Lily finds herself in Norteamerica ramping up for grad school, I am left fending for myself!

Last night, I documented my dinner.

(Self-conscious aside: Is this a classic example of a blogpost only of interest to the very blogger who blogged it?)

In fact, it was very tasty and I was pleasantly surprised by how complementary the flavors were. It was quite healthy, too, I believe.

Brazilian black bean soup (a rough Central American adaptation), using the appropriate quantities of the following ingredients:
> Slow-cooked black beans cooked with onion, cilantro and bay leaf
> Seared grass-fed beef tenderloin (helps when you can get top grade local tenderloin for just $3/pound!)
> Garlic, onions and diced fresh jalepenos sauteed in vegetable oil
> Bitter orange and lime juice
> Dried oregano
> Paprika
> Touch of habenero puree
> Touch of salt

For garnish:
> Cubed queso fresco
> Thinly sliced and fried flour tortilla

Plus steamed fresh broccoli, Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Played with Fire and a glass of water.
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