Saturday, May 8, 2010

Relaxing on the farm, cont'd

Naturally, the spear fishing (see previous blog entry below) did not stop at the point of capture. Don Isaiah, prepared a cauldron of boiling pig fat from his farm, in which we sizzled and fried up the catch on the nearest beach. Here is Isaiah offering gourmet deliciousness to the next available lucky taker. Man in innertube featured behind was the star spear fisher. Every 15 minutes or so, he would recharge with a shot of Flor de Cana rum and a sip of Coke to keep his senses sharp.

(3) Cattle herding. Apologies for the disorganization but recall that highlights #1 and #2 were Pinolillo and Fishing/Eating respectively (blog entry below). Here the cattle herding team is pictured. From left to right: Laura, Armando (farm manager), Becca, Juan Carlos and son Jan Carlos (no "u"!), and Josh.

Goal for the day: tour the farm, some 300 acres, and move 65 heads of cattle from a pasture back to the corral for individual inspections.

Note: Laura and Josh did not have what we might call much experience with horses, let alone herding cattle.

Becca, Juan and Jan keeping the big guys in line.

By the end of the day Josh felt quite comfortable on horseback... He decided to go for a little sunset stroll solo here:
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