Monday, September 14, 2009

Exploring Honduras

I have spent the last week in Northern Honduras visiting cacao producers and continuing to familiarize myself with Xoco's operations. Honduras is beautiful and mountainous. I am staying in San Pedro Sula, which has a steamy Caribbean climate. The day after I arrived, Honduras faced off against Mexico in the World Cup qualifier. The game was in Mexico, but this did not do much to dilute the good-natured fanaticism of the Honduran people. Soccer jerseys abound, everyone assured me that if Honduras won, the next day would be a public holiday. Mexico was positively favored to win, especially with homefield advantage. With my coworkers, I went to a large outdoor public mall surrounded by bars and restaurants. The game was projected on several big screens around the courtyard. What energy! Honduras hung in there, and only gave up one goal on a penalty kick. Back to work...

Work involved visiting an old fine cacao farm northeast of San Pedro. After our analysis of the trees and operations, we enjoyed fresh lychee, trying to stay in the shade. Temperatures have been consistently 100+ degrees with intense humidity.

After enjoying a snack and cooling off in a nearby river, we moved a bunch of mattresses! (Seems logical, right?)

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