Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to work

When the daylight curfew was lifted, it was time to get back to work. A bit backed up, we had a long day planned visiting existing and potential clients in the Santa Barabara region. This was not without its own excitement.

After twisting for 60km on a mountainous dirt road for a couple of hours, we reached a bridge, spanning an expansve and beautiful river. Put bluntly, the bridge was terrible. It was constructed from old cables and capped with metal plates. Indeed, there were several metal plates missing in key parts. The suspension bridge swayed in the breeze.

Here I am, scoping out the crossing.

Here is the trusty 4x4 and the warning sign: max. 5 quintales. Do you know how much a quintal is? If you do not know, I suggest you do not look into it. The math doesn't quite add up.

The speed limit was 5km/hr. My colleague wanted no part in sitting in the pickup during crossing. He got out and walked across the bridge, as you can see in the distance of the photo. He video taped the crossing, and I suspect he was secretly scared of the potential consequences and excited to capture it on video! Suffice it to say, we made the crossing with little difficulty.

Above a Xoco client's farm, this is a rocky peak veiled in the fog.

Surveying a potential growing site.
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