Sunday, September 27, 2009


Since Zelaya's return on Monday, September 21, the government has imposed curfews for varying hours throughout the day. The longest stretch was from Monday at 4pm to Wednesday at 10am (a total of 42 hours). There was an eerie silence about the city, and roughly half of the vehicles I saw drive by the hotel were official (police, military, red cross).

I have been staying at Hotel Casa del Rio in a very pleasant neighborhood of San Pedro. The owners, Jose and Jenny have been fantastic as contacts, tour guides, and as friends. During this period of political uncertainty, they have gone far out of their way to make sure that I am feeling safe, well-fed (staying well-fed during a curfew, by the way, can be a logistical challenge!), and up-to-date on the political developments.

Since last Wednesday, we have not had a daylight curfew, which has allowed Sanpedranos to go back to work and live normal lives, at least during the day. On Thursday, all flights - domestic and international - were reopened for service. For example, the most recent curfew was from Saturday 6pm (yesterday) - Sunday 6am (today).

From many angles, this week has been a fascinating experience, and I have felt comfortable and safe.

I can say that this week marks the first time in my life I have had a curfew imposed on me. Throughout my teenage years, my liberal and trusting parents sheltered me from the knowledge of what it would be like to have a curfew restriction. Thanks to the Honduran government, I now know!

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