Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Hike at Cerro Apante

To celebrate Dia de los Enamorados (Nicaraguans have translated Valentine's Day more figuratively), Lily and Josh took a beautiful hike high above the city. We summited Cerro Apante, where a mirador provides a panoramic view of the Matagalpa Valley. The peal white Cathedral, just 4 blocks from our apartment serves as a prominent reference point.

Zooming in... If you trace from the Cathedral to direction 4 o'clock for a few blocks, you arrive at Apartamento Lily y Josh.


While we did not see or hear howler monkeys (que lastima!), the wilderness was beautiful in the natural resurve. Mosses, cacti, and many birds abound...
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  1. Hi Lily and Josh,
    Wow. I am so incredibly jealous and happy for you guys as you traipse along your adventure. I had a blog once and I remember how fun it was to get comments from hello! (Ari says hi too even tho he's working like a dog).
    Cheers and love from SF,

    PS I recently watched the video you made at the Portland project and it was pretty funny.

  2. what a wonderful way to spend día de los corazones! miss you both