Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nuestro Apartamento en Matagalpa

This post is a little late but is a very major update in the lives of Lily and Josh. We moved into a little loft apartment (pictured below) in the center of Matagalpa. It's style is quite modern, not very Nica. The city is in the northern mountainous area of Nicaragua and is where Xoco is based. It's super laid-back and the climate is not oven-like. I'm happy.

Notable lifestyle changes:
1) We cook! The markets/supermarkets are really convenient here - we have 3 in a 3 block radius. Right now we are in the process of making chili. Yum!
2) Less time in the car/bus. Josh's office is about 2 blocks away. Leon is a direct bus away as opposed to a 2 bus journey.
3) Fewer tourists/annoying tourist services. While there is some tourism here, most of the foreigners we have met are involved in long-term projects. The tourists that do make it here tend to be more our style: adventurous and open-minded. I have not seen one creepy old gringo searching for a young Nica lady and that is refreshing!
4) Interesting young people. While it's a relatively small city, there seems to be a disproportionate share of young people, foreign and Nicas, doing cool projects here. We're excited to form a community here.

OK, now come the photos:

View from the street

The courtyard (we share the place with a young family who lives above us)

The downstairs kitchen space

The upstairs loft looking down

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