Saturday, June 12, 2010

Copan Ruinas

After the day of tree delivery audits, Marvin (Honduras GM) and I found ourselves in the colonial town of Copan Ruinas, just 10km from the Guatemala border. As the name would suggest, the town is known for its nearby Mayan ruins. The ruins are known to be small but beautiful and less trafficked than other large sites in Mesoamerica suck as Tikal. This is all hearsay to me because we arrived 10 minutes after they closed the gates to the ruins and we had an early start the next morning... Some other time I suppose. Nonetheless, the town is beautiful and not to hot because of its altitude near 1000m. Unlike San Pedro Sula or many other Honduran towns where security is a huge concern, one can walk freely in the streets of Copan Ruinas without worry. This in itself was theraputic for me.

Another excellent feature of Copan Ruinas was the availability of good beer. I took advantage of a beer on tap from a local brewery called D&D. They do West Coast micro style ales. Later on I enjoyed a Hoegaarden.

Here is a shot of an approaching storm cloud with women running fritangas in the foreground.

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