Tuesday, January 26, 2010

St. Lucia, part I

After passing through Miami, Josh and Lily arrived to St. Lucia, and island paradise in the Lesser Antilles. Diana and Peter had found a gorgeous house perched on a hillside lookout out at the Pitons, the essential St. Lucian silhouette. It was an amazing couple of weeks, in which Josh and Lily fully unwound from the sometimes-hectic nature (OK, not in the traditional sense) of their time in Central America. It was special to be with the Abrahams-Gray clan to celebrate the turn of the decade.

Pitons from the veranda

Petit Piton rises up behind Lily and Josh. Photo taken from above Rabot Estate (formerly Renee and David's property now in the hands of fine chocolatier Hotel Chocolat).

Josh and Lily at summit of Gros Piton (a hellish ascent) with Petit behind.

Peter, Lily, Ben, Rosie, Seth, Diana at Ladera, between the Pitons
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