Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bienvenidos a Granada!

I arrived in Managua on Sunday night and have spent the last 1.5 days in Granada, where Josh and I have set up base camp. Base camp is very wonderful. The house is located on Calle de Caimito about a block and a half from the central park.

Here's a view from the front hall:

The main bedroom:

The courtyard (my favorite spot):


Guest Bedroom:

Yesterday, we went out on Lake Nicaragua, which is a quick drive from our house. The lake is MASSIVE - it is the largest lake in Central America and the 10th largest fresh water lake in the world. We took a boat around the isletas - there are about 370 little islands that were created by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. Some are inhabited by fishermen but most seemed to be fancy second homes.

Another highlight of yesterday was going to El Zaquin, a great steakhouse just around the corner. Here I tried an amazing kind of juice that I am now obsessed with called Pitaya. It is bright purple and unbelievably yummy! I think I might have to get some now...


  1. Huzzah! Welcome to Central America, Lily...

  2. omg. this is so so pretty. can't wait to come!

  3. i hope you guys are ready for me to occupy that guest bedroom!